D. Sizinos & Associates LLC advises wide spectrum of services regarding all areas of Company Law and Corporate Governance matters, International Finance and International Business Transactions. Our practice covers major sectors and industries, assuring our clients regardless of the size and type of business transaction, that our experienced team will perform any job upon request in a timely and efficient manner.

Having our offices and affiliated societies located in major business and trade centers, we have a constant access to a worldwide network and practice. Together with our domestic and overseas lawyers we provide an extensive experience in establishment, transfer or liquidation of a company, taking good care of any legal matters arising during the process, apart from dealing with contracts, drafting, reviewing and negotiating various commercial agreements.

Whereas each business presents an individual structure having particular tasks and goals, therefore based on custom-built approach our team of professional Business Consultants, Legal Advisors and Accountants strive to fulfill those goals and offer cost-effective solution to each of our client. We aim to provide safe, stable, accessible and usable businesses with all legal services included.

D. Sizinos & Associates LLC provides legal advice to our clients and associates on all matters of Company Law, corporate structuring and restructuring, partnership formation/dissolution, incorporation of companies in Cyprus and overseas, company control, administration and maintenance of statutory records as well as all corporate service matters, shareholder and joint-venture agreements, takeovers, mergers and legal due diligence. All matters related to the incorporation and administration of Cyprus companies and international business companies, registered in tax efficient jurisdictions, are covered by our expertise along with further provision of supporting and ancillary services as well as consulting.

The Firm’s corporate practice includes:

  • Formation and acquisition of companies in Cyprus and overseas
  • Corporate management, reorganization and restructuring
  • Nominee and Secretarial services
  • Insolvency services
  • Trustee-fiduciary services
  • Advising on shareholders issues
  • Drafting negotiation and implementation of subscription of shareholders’ agreements
  • Preparing all necessary organizational documents and further corresponding documents in case any changes needed in terms of organizational structure, registered address, register of members
  • Capital increase
  • Liquidation (member’s voluntary or winding-up by the court) of companies

We offer our assistance and legal advice in respect to cross-border transactions and Foreign Direct Investments into emerging markets, drafting and reviewing of contracts and agreements in accordance to International Laws and Regulations, namely local and international agency and distributorship, local and international contracts and sales of goods, local and international financing and further.

Among major services provided are the following:

  • Consumer protection
  • Cross -border transactions and joint ventures
  • Operations with Securities with Security Law compliance
  • Receivership
  • Franchise, Agency and distributorship agreements
  • Private and public offerings and takeovers
  • International trade
  • Clients representation in business transactions, negotiations
  • Drafting agreements and documents (commercial agreements, representations, Power of attorneys, etc)
  • Registration (including issuing of licenses and permits) with Tax and other relevant governmental authorities

Furthermore, our team advises to companies with regard to:

  • Incorporation issues in respect to companies, partnerships, subsidiaries, branches, representative offices of local and foreign entities, and other corporate entities in Cyprus and other jurisdictions.
  • Registration issues connected with trademarks and company names
  • Legal aspects of corporate finance
  • Legal form and subject of entity / partnership