Our law firm tries to help you to the best of our abilities, and although we are capable of providing international legal advice,
there are many instances we choose to defer cases to our colleagues in the appropriate areas.

Our Features

We provide the full range of commercial legal services while maintaining a particular focus on servicing the legal and commercial
needs of a number of key industries, including property, business and agribusiness.


The nomination phase is simply the first step in our process. It puts lawyers on our radar for further research and evaluation, and awards points in our rating system.


The staff identifies these credentials by reviewing a proprietary list of database and online sources, including national and local legal trade publications.


Most of the lawyers we identify in this process have also been nominated by their peers so we find outstanding lawyers or nominations from other lawyers.


The ultimate goal of Sizinos Law is to help clients have a good understanding and smooth application of up-to-date legal regulations.

Our Team

We recognise the importance of working closely with our clients in order to develop creative and business focused solutions.

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